Trek Around Himalayas and discover the hidden mountain valleys of Nepal.
About Nepal

About Nepal

About Nepal

Nepal is a small country in south Asia, having 147181 square kilometer area, located between China and India. Nepal has the highest mountain peak in the world Mount Everest going up to 8848m.

Northern border is all lined up with snow capped mountains, rocky mountains, glaciers, streams and rivers. Nepal is the second richest country in water resources. Big rivers originating from the mountains flow down to the plain of Terai.

Trekking in Nepal is the best way to explore the Himalayas in Nepal. Nepal has best trekking destination in the world all year around. Southern border has dense forest in the plains of Terai. These forest has been home to animals like one horned rhinoceros, elephant, tiger, birds, butterflies, woods, rivers, mushrooms and grasslands.

Within a distance of 197 Km Nepal goes from 50 m altitude to the world’s tallest mountain Everest 8850m. This has created a diverse ecological systems throughout the country. Nepal has total population of 27 million. Nepal is among the poorest country in the world. Lifestyle of people is influenced by the Hindu religion.

Around 1.3 million people visit Nepal each year. Nepal is famous for its mountains, rivers, tradition and biodiversity. There are good trekking trails to explore the mountains.