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18 Days
Mar - May , Sep - Dec
Max Altitude: 3700 m
Manaslu Conservation Area
Tea House
Trail Length: 126 Km

Manasalu Tsum Trek Overview

This once in a lifetime splendid trekking experience submerges you into the less explored valleys of the Manaslu region, which remains tucked away in its serenity. The 14-day trek will take you on a picturesque journey along the Tibetan border with the tete-a-tete with the eighth highest summit of the world- Mt Manasalu at 8,163m above sea level. Through the hidden valley of Tsum, you will embark on your trekking while also coming across some of the glorious snow-capped mountain tops. This magnificent trekking route actually opened up its access to the public in the late 90s which makes it quite a gem.

This extraordinary trek that takes you through the beaten yet less traveled trails, despite being a wondrous experience is a demanding one with average day lengths of around 7 hours. For you adventure seekers out there this must be one experience you just can’t say no to.

As a matter of fact, the daunting and daring Himalayan escapade guides you through the thundering waterfalls and rivers with the amazingly challenging rocky trails hugging the steep cliffs along the way.

The best time to embark on your journey to the region would be Autumn(September to November) till Spring(March to April). During your trip, you would be inclusive in a group of two or more people. Your accommodation would be in a lodge or homestays.

Entering the Manasalu Tsum region requires a special permit which you can acquire by contacting us. Moreover, tourists are barred from entering the region without a proper licensed guide’s assistance. You have to be accompanied by at least one guide to entering the region.

The trek along with the lush forests, serene waterfalls, windy and chilly weather, rocky terrain and snow-capped mountains sure will make your journey along the Tsum valley a mesmerizing one. 

Manasalu Tsum Trek Itinerary

Day 1Arrival Kathmandu and transfer to Hotel

As you land in the Tribhuwan International Airport and make your way through customs and immigration, you are greeted by the hospitable representative of our company. The staff shall then drop you to the designated hotel in a private vehicle.
After settling down and getting refreshed at the hotel you shall have plenty of time to get acquainted with the city of Kathmandu or get some rest, as per your liking. However, you would have to explore the city on your own or pay for the required guide to assist you with the proper exploration of the city.

Day 02Kathmandu sightseeing and trek Preparation (Boudhnath/Pashupati/Monkey Temple)

Your second day in Nepal is all about exploring the splendid sights of the historic city of Kathmandu. After your breakfast, you shall witness the artistry and culture surrounding the UNESCO world heritage sites such as Boudhanath, Pashupatinath and Monkey Temple. These heritage sights are among the few places you would get a chance to live the history and culture of for the day.
Boudhanath is the oldest stupa in the country which holds a major significance to the Buddhist population and Nepal in general due to the gigantic prestige it holds for the country and its religious harmony.
Pashupatinath is the holiest temple of Hindus all around the world. A temple is a sacred place where Shiva the destroyer is preached.
Although Pashupatinath is home to a lot of monkeys, The Monkey Temple a.k.a Swayabhunath Temple is a whole other story. The vicinity which integrates Hindu and Buddhist deities to create one whole religiously intertwined worship place provides an overall enriching experience to the visitor in the valley of Kathmandu. The temple’s perfect harmony can also be witnessed through the harmonious co-existence of the monkeys and the humankind.
Although these are the major attractions in the wondrous valley of Kathmandu, your experience doesn’t come to an end just there. There is a huge plethora of experience this city is yet to offer to you. In between, there are a variety of stops which are equally if not the most valuable part of the trip. During these stops is where you can get the real taste of the way of the Nepali people while getting a firsthand experience of their culture and lifestyle.

Day 03Kathmandu to Soti Khola 700m Drive 10 hours

The third day after you’ve had your breakfast take your first step into the exciting excursion to one of the world’s highest ‘peaks, Manasalu commences. You would be boarded into a private vehicle to set foot for your astounding trip. As the bus transport would take you twice the time and given the treacherous road conditions as you exit the highways, a 4WD Jeep is a viable option for you to comfortably take on the road trip to Soti Khola, located 700m above sea level.
As you pass through several districts of Nepal, Dhading and Gorkha remain to be the most significant ones. Passing through all the serene views and adventurous roads for about 6 hours you reach the town of Arughat in the Gorkha district. Arughat, one of the busiest towns in the district, serves as a transit for tourists willing to get to Soti Khola. You would have your lunch there while getting to know the locals from a closer perspective. After getting the taste of the warm hospitality and food, you again hop on your Jeeps to undertake the adventurous nature of the roads that lead you to your destination of Soti Khola. Soti Khola is a small hilly settlement that houses a majority of the local Sherpa population. You will get to witness the majestic nature of mountains such as Annapurna and Ganesh Himal.
You rest at the beautiful village for the day while also indulging yourself in the local culture, campfires and socializing with the locals as well as your fellow travelers. Not to miss, the local alcoholic beverage that tags along with all that.

Day 04Soti Khola to Machhakhola 869m 6 hours

4 days into the expedition on the path to Manasalu you wake up in Soti Khola and have your breakfast. This is the part where you start the real part of the trip, the trekking. The distance between Soti Khola and Machha Khola is 14.1 kilometers or 8.7 miles. The le3ap from an altitude of 700m to 869m takes you somewhere around 6-7 hours of trekking in general.
The cultural submergence in the Gurung villages along the pathways especially the places like Lapubesiu and Khanibasi enriches your trip phenomenally. With the eye-candy vicinity at your disposal, you shall surely make up for the harsh hilly terrain you make your way through in this adventurous trek. You shall pass through the lush green forests, the furious yet calming Budi Gandaki river and of course the priceless snowcapped mountain glimpses.

Day 05Machhakhola to Jagat 1340m 6 hours

We shall be climbing upwards to a more high altitude destination while approaching the Machhakhola which is 1340m above sea level. The track along the picturesque vista takes you 6 hours on an average to trek to your destination.
It is in this region that you find the best of views, due to the high elevations. Also, the hot spring in Khola Besi, helps you relax and unwind through all that adventure you embarked upon in your trekking.

Day 06Jagat to Lokpa 2240m 6/7 hours

As you leave Jagat you are confronted with a suspension bridge of Budi Gandaki. Crossing the bridge over the rapids of the river will provide you with a highly daunting experience. This is exactly the point in the trek when you enter the entrance to the hidden valley of Tsum.
To get to the destination of Lokpa, located at the altitude of 2240m, will take you to 6-7 hours of trekking through the unstoppable splendid sights and off-beaten pathway.

Day 07Lokpa to Chumling 2386m 7 hours

The trek from Lokpa to Chumling situated 2386m above sea level demands 7 hours of your day. While on the journey you get to experience even crispier views as Lokpa is the first village in the Tsum valley.
You get to witness the majesty of the peaks like Baudha Himal(6672m) and Ganesh Himal while going about on the rocky yet serene pathways. As you reach Chumling you are submerged into a whole another cultural plateau with monasteries like Panago Gumba, Mani Dhungyur, and Gurwa Gumba. If camping is your preference Chumling also provides with great campsites.

Day 08Chumling to Chhokanparo 3031m 6 hours

As we head to a higher altitude the weather pattern starts to change and so does the terrain. With mostly chilly weather you come across a rocky pathway leading you your 3031m high destination of Chhokanpoaro. Actually, this region is the upper part of the Tsum valley, so you get a closer glimpse of various mountain peaks.
The hospitality of the people in this region is widely acclaimed among tourists. The Tibetan Tea and the local cuisine inclusive of homegrown potato, mushroom and soya beans is bound to be a splendid experience for the visitors. The 6 hours of the trek would surely prove to be worth it as you get to witness the magnificent vibe of the place.

Day 9Chhokang Paro to Nile 3361m 6 hours

From Chhokang Paro, we trek for 6 hours to the village of Nile (also famous as Chhule). As a matter of fact, this is the last village in the Tsum valley located 3361m above sea level. The sublime village actually is situated on the western sun-faced side of Shiar Khola.
A blend of uniqueness and magnificence is provided by the views of the Local Gumbas and the Shair river that flows nearby the village.

Day 10 Nile to Mu Gompa 3700m 4/5 hours

Mu Gompa located 3700m above sea level boasts itself as one of the oldest monasteries in the region which has carried on the history and culture of the region for years on end. The history of the monastery actually dates back to the very dawn of Buddhism in the area. As you walk for about 4-5 hours from the Nile you would get to acknowledge yourself with the culture, relics and artistic mastery that reflects through the monastery of Mu Gompa. As a matter of fact, Mu Gompa is the highest point of your trek

Day 11 Day Drip around Mu Gompa

You will spend the day enjoying the vicinity of the historic monastery that is Mu Gompa. While indulging yourself in the awesome religious, cultural and artistic vicinity of the Gompa your trip as well as your soul would be utterly enriched. You also get the chance to explore the beautiful sceneries in the surrounding areas which include snow-capped mountains, remote settlements, and most importantly local and friendly people.

Day 12 Mu Gompa to ChhokangParo via Milerapa Cave 6/7 hour

On day 12 your descend from the highest point of the trek is underway. Although you are making your journey back, there are a lot of awesome stops that the treks still has in store for you. You will be heading towards the village of ChhokangParo which would take about 6-7 hours of walking through the familiar terrain. Not to worry folks, we get to experience the refreshing views of mountains like Ganesh Himal Range, Baudha and Himchuli along our way down.
However, the Milerpa Cave along the way undoubtedly would be the highlight of the day as it offers visitors with a highly daunting experience. The cave is also referred to as Piren Phu, which means the cave of pigeons. The cave got its name, Milerpa because the saint of the same name is believed to have meditated there for quite a while. As the cave holds major religious and cultural value, it is filled with astounding Buddhist mural paintings, oozing artistic scripts, long prayer flags and splendid Buddhist scripture.

Day 13 Chhokangparo to Gumba Lodang 3200m 6/7 hours

We then make our trip to the Gumba Lodand, which is a 6-7 hour uphill trek from Chhokanparo.
The trek commences from the beautiful village of Domje. The monastery situated at an altitude of 3200m is one of the most significant holy places of the area where locals come to pay their homage. We are greeted by priests of the monastery who guide us and educate us on the significance of each and every aspect of the amenities present in the Gumba.

Day 14 Ganesh Himal Base camp day trip 5/6 hours

The trek that takes you to the splendid serenity of Ganesh Himal Base Camp is undoubtedly one of the major highlights of the journey. After embarking on a short hike through a forest you reach the first stop of Langtang Khola. After this, you take on a more adventurous journey towards the Torogumba Glacier. As we walk some 2-3 hours after meeting up with the otherworldly glacier we reach our final destination, Ganesh Himal Base Camp. We would enjoy our nights at the footsteps of Ganesh Himal in tents.

Day 15 Gumba Lodang to Lokpa 2240m 6/7 hours

The descent from this point on becomes more fierce. Yet, there is no way you would be missing out on the adventure or the dazzling views that the nature hugging locality has to offer. You get to jog your memory of the wondrous views that met your path during the ascend while on a 6-7 hours trek leading you back to the village of Lokpa.

Day 16 Lokpa to Jagat 1340m 5 hours

The trail gradually descends to a lower altitude while we reach the village of Philim. You would enjoy lunch in the serene vicinity of the local village and cross the Budi Gandaki River through the aforementioned suspension bridge. As you go through a lot of up and down terrain along the Budi Gandaki river you reach Jagat.

Day 17 Jagat to Soti Khola 700m 7 hours

The day actually is the wrap up of the monumental trekking expedition we embarked upon for quite a while. Yet, that doesn’t mean that there would be any compromise on the adventure or the beautiful views. During our trek along Budi Gandaki river banks, we pass some beautiful lush green forest, tranquil waterfalls, and beautiful charming villages. We make our last night stay at the Gorkha district before we head out to Kathmandu.

Day 18Soti Khola to Kathmandu drive 10 hours

After having breakfast at Soti Khola, you head back to Kathmandu. You would be transported via a private jeep to your respective hotel in Kathmandu. The 10 hours drive to Kathmandu also has some stops along the way.

Manasalu Tsum Trek Camp Includes

  • Pick up/ drop in comfortable private vehicle
  • Kathmandu heritage city tour
  • All ground transportation in comfortable vehicle as per itinerary
  • One English speaking, highly experienced city tour guide with government-license
  • All necessary entry permits in temples and stupas

Manasalu Tsum Trek Excludes

  • Nepalese Visa fee
  • International airfare to Kathmandu and out
  • Food, drinks, accommodation
  • Tips and appreciation for staff and drivers